Space for discussing future cooperation and planning follow up activities.

Have participants write down their thoughts about one or two things they have learned that had an impact on them.  In other words, is there something that was learned in workshop that changed the way they view things?  Or was there something that surprised them? Or was there something that altered the way they think about things? Etc.

In small groups or with a partner participants should respond to the following…

  • A pleasant surprise…
  • Something that you had to struggle with to understand
  • Something you don’t agree with
  • Something that you agree with strongly
  • Something you thought was particularly interesting
  • Something you didn’t expect
  • Something you want to know more about
  • A question that you have

This is illustration for presentation and summary of training outcomes and conclusions. Good practice (DAE Strategy training in Lodz, January, 2019)

Here are some other questions that have generated related to forum discussion

  • What is the power of the strategy?
  • Why my participation is so important?
  • What I would do better?