Discuss and decide on specific topics in your institution:

What is your vision, mission, core values, goals and objectives?


A vision statement is a mental picture of what you want to achieve. Don’t make it cluttered or complicated. A vision statement should be simple enough so you can hold the meaning of it in your “mind’s eye”.


A mission statement defines how you will achieve your vision. It is an action statement and often begins with the word “to”.

Once again it needs to be simple so that you can easily hold the idea in your mind.

Core Values

Core values are standards you place on your business activities. Examples include ethics, environmental issues, labour standards, etc.

In addition to the mission statement you may want to state your goals and objectives for the project.


A goal is a general statement of what you need to achieve to accomplish the vision of your business project.


An objective is a specific time-sensitive milestone used to measure your progress towards achieving your goals and vision.