Objective: Problem-Solving, Communication

Best for (group size): Small or large group

Time: 30 minutes

Materials needed: Zoom by Istvan Banyai

Hand out to each participant one picture from Istvan Banyai’s book, Zoom. Explain that participants can only look at their own picture and keep it hidden from others. Participants must study their pictures and do their best to describe it to others, as the teams work together to put the pictures in the correct sequence.

This activity focuses on fostering problem-solving skills by pushing participants to work together and communicate with one another to achieve the common goal. It also allows for natural leaders to emerge and take charge in completing the task most effectively.

This problem-solving exercise teaches participants to work in a team and demonstrates “departmental” working: the concept that each individual contributes to a larger team effort, even though their contribution may not always be apparent. The exercise works best when it involves participants from multiple organizational departments who perform a variety of roles.

Using Zoom by Istvan Banyai is only an example, you can use similar in the same way.


This is illustration for presentation of Zooms activity summary, good practice (DAE Strategy training in Lodz, January, 2019)