Session is face-to-face with an approximate duration of 3,5 hours. Approach should be as practical as possible. Methodology of the training is work in groups.

Tasks for the workshop aim to prepare the answers for the questions:

  • What do we have? – knowing the resources of the institution and how to use them (make them useful)
  • What do we want to do?
  • What do we need in addition to what we already have?
  • Where can we get it?
  • How can we cooperate?

After completing the set of tasks and analyzing them an action plan can be developed.

Methods: group work, brainstorming, discussion, debate on why new technologies should be implemented in the institution, team building and strategy games.

Learning objectives

  • To understand how to develop your confidence in managing and integrating ICT in your institution
  • To know what kind of actions are necessary
  • To prepare way of developing and implementing ICT technology in the institution (Action plans)

Learning outcomes

LO1: learners will know how to organize a structure of co-working team supporting the technological change

LO2: learners will know how to recognise their own potential and the resources of their institution

LO3: a road map of intended activities and the schedule will be designed. New quality of participation oriented communication within the institution will be established and understanding the needs will be emphasized