Purpose of the activity: This exercise gives participants first-hand experience of how management style affects the performance of a team. It shows different styles in action, demonstrating, for example, that what managers intend is not always what comes across. This is a chance for participants to think about what makes a great leader, and it provides rich data upon which to draw important conclusions about leadership behaviour and its impact.

  1. Divide your participants into groups, each containing one manager and three team members.
  2. Give them instructions: As a group, they have to build a tower using the blocks. Sounds easy – until you tell them that team members must be blindfolded and use their non-dominant hand.
  3. Managers cannot touch either the blocks or their team members.
  4. Discuss some of these important messages

This is illustration for „Tower” game, Good practice (DAE Strategy training in Lodz, January, 2019)