Joggling items

Equipment required: Juggling balls, bean bags (or even a rolled up sock).

Space required: Small. Delivered either indoors or outdoors.

Group Size: 8 to 14 ideally (however is still works with slightly larger or smaller groups).

Total Time: 20-30 minutes

Ice breaker game (Joggling items) integration and soft skills training

  1. Organise the group into a circle, and set up a juggling system that processes juggling balls by throwing them across the circle of team members from one person to the next.
  2. When a ball is thrown the thrower must shout the name of the recipient
  3. They catch it and throw to another group member. This continues until each group member has caught & thrown the ball just once. (it should have eventually ended back at the start point).
  4. Ask each group member to identify who they received the ball from and who they threw it to.
  5. Test this out by throwing the ball in the same original order until it arrives back at the start point.

The next stage is to introduce more balls and see how many you can get moving round the circle in the original order. As many balls as people is extremely difficult. You can also add another ball to be sent in reverse order to add a bit confusion to the mix.

This is illustration for integration part: Joggling items Good practice (DAE Strategy training in Lodz, January, 2019)

“the training conducted by Inercia Digital opened us to the opportunity to increase the infrastructure of our training activities through a Moodle platform; if we started already to use some ICT tools for training activities we are not yet structured to organize in an effective way a distance learning course. The test on their platform and on the potential in terms of creating contents, maintaining contacts with trainees, submitting evaluation tests, etc. was really inspiring for us. We also consdered funny and stimulating the experience trough Kahoot, also its application to topics that usually are not interesting for the trainees”.