A 5-day workshop / training sessions in groups – day 1

Soft skills trainings are useful for all employees of all levels and are an extremely effective way to build an efficient, collaborative work team.

Training is a great way for managers at all levels to improve their ability to inspire and motivate individuals and teams to achieve outstanding results.

These kind of training programs shows how important is:

  • to be a part of the project,
  • to know what its overall goal
  • to know what part of a project we are,
  • to take responsibility for the project
  • to see what is our final product

These kind of training programs requires the following:

  • searching for innovative ways of developing and managing people.
  • finding new opportunities.
  • preparing for difficulties
  • knowing company’s mission, vision, and values

Integration -Training sessions for managers helping to recognize organizational potential of the institution. Recognizing participants’ beliefs, intentions and resources as the learners come with beliefs about the role of technology in learning which impacts upon the way they use technology.

Next assignments are planned for recognizing your co-workers assets, your strengths and resources as an institution, and, at last to set the goals that are possible to reach for your team in terms of digitalizing education. We propose a sequence of exercises that were run as a strategy training for managers in Lodz, January 2019:

Start your training welcoming participants, introducing them to the goals of the training. Some nice exercises, commonly known as Ice-breakers create a good atmosphere and help to work on different issues.

Our approach to changing classroom dynamics for the use of ICT has an impact on the effectiveness in supporting the development of ICT technology. Managers will be most successful when they try to develop strategies, beginning with answers to the questions:

  • do I have clear reasons as well as a plan for using the technology?
  • are trainers able to encourage learner’s autonomy (through managing activities, extending activities, discussion and reducing tutor presentation time)?

Building strategy consists of training sessions in groups. It is necessary to have 5 sessions.