Session is face-to-face with an approximate duration of 3,5 hours. Approach should be as practical as possible, rounding the 80/20 percent of the time in practice and theory, respectively.

This session is the most theoretical of all, and probably the most boring. A good way to present it is to make a quiz (for example with Kahoot! or Quizizz) and progress through the content while the learners assess their own knowledge about the topic.

We’ve created a Kahoot! for you to use.

Learning objectives

  • To know about the common legal framework for intellectual property
  • To understand the use of open licenses
  • To understand the possibilities of reutilisation of other’s materials

Learning outcomes

LO1: learner will know when they can reuse other’s materials and in which conditions

LO2: learner will be able to protect their intellectual property