As we never stop learning, Alison is an e-learning provider with thousands of free (and not free) courses in many categories, from IT to health care, that you can take and use either for yourself or for your students. Some of the courses of Alison will even provide you with a certification.


ClassFlow for interactive whiteboards

ClassFlow is a free service made for interactive whiteboards. It consists in a web-based application that allows you to create interactive presentations, assign them to a class, and then have your learners join it and deliver the lesson in your interactive whiteboard. Your students will follow from their computers and from the IWB, and you can do quizzes and activities that each student have to answer on their own.

Another strong point of ClassFlow is the resources repository it has. You can find hundreds of lessons already finished for you to reuse, modify and deliver.


Activity 1: Group the learners by 2 or 3 and have them create a lesson. Then, play some of them for everybody.