Udutu is an online web-based application that allows us to create interactive presentations – slides that can contain quizzes, galleries, questions or even decisions, making it ideal for branching games.

Figure 32: Udutu

In the Figure 32 we can see the different kind of items we can add:

  • A folder, where we can group slides of the same purpose (imagine a branching game where we can group different paths in folders).
  • A basic screen containing content and a possible jump. A jump is a question where the choice will take you to a different slide (for branching games, this is what we want).
  • An interactive screen, like image rollovers, galleries, etc. with a possible jump.
  • A menu screen with buttons.
  • A scenario, a set of slides already built to follow a pre-defined structure.

Figure 33: Inserting a scenario

Activity 5: Create a branching game with your learners. First, allow your learners to think about a starting point: i.e. “someone enters a bar”. Then think about each possible choice and scenario. After it, bring volunteers to make each of the stages.