Editing the masters

Activity 6: Make them understand the problem: ask a volunteer to create a presentation, with a certain design where a logo is present in all of the slides. After creating several slides, ask the learner to change that logo from all of the slides, and ask them if they know how that could have been prevented.

Similar to Docs, Google Slides allows creating templates for the slides, so that every time you create a new slide it appears with a style we have defined. In addition, the objects (images, texts, etc.) that we insert into the slide will be blocked, so they will not be moved or removed accidentally while creating our content.

Let us put us into situation: imagine we have to create a presentation. By default, it will have a cover slide, several content slides and a closing slide. For the content slides, we will have two different types: one with the images on the left, and one with the images on the right. So, how can we automate these slides without having to use the rudimentary procedure of duplicating slides and removing the content of the previous one? By using the Slide Master.

The Slide Master allows the author to modify the layouts, the slides that will serve as templates for the real slides we will use in our presentation, with their own style and content blocks. Once edited (or created) a layout, we can apply it to the slides we are using or create new ones using it.

To access the Slide Master for our current slide, we need to go to Slide -> Edit master.

Figure 18: Entering the editor of masters

Figure 19: Slide master editor

On the black sidebar, we see the master slides and the layouts. On the top of the right widget, you can see the name and how many slides are using this layout. On the Insert menu, you will be able to add images and other objects as you would normally would. However, one of the extra things you can do here is to add a placeholder. A placeholder is a box with dotted borders that will allow the author to add specific content in the layout. For example, imagine we are creating a presentation template for a conference where multiple speakers will participate, and each of them will use the same template. We can add a placeholder in the cover slide for the speaker to add their name and organisation in a position we decide (like on a side, or in a corner).

After modifying a layout, it is possible that we need to reapply the layout to some of the slides. For this, right click on the slide -> Apply layout -> choose the layout.