The following collection gather best practices and case studies in terms of education digitalisation with the aim of exemplify and help you with your digitalisation process.

You can also download the collection in the following languages:

Inercia DigitalAdult learners and ICT: An intervention study in the UK
Inercia DigitalNorthstar. Basic computer skills certificate
Inercia DigitalCaptured Wisdom
Inercia DigitalCentral Illinois Adult Education Service Center
Inercia DigitalLINCS, community, courses, and resources for adult education
Inercia DigitalAndalucía Compromiso Digital
Sinergia Società Cooperativa SocialeMirweb Puglia
Sinergia Società Cooperativa Sociale“Progettare per scenari” Avanguardie Educative
Sinergia Società Cooperativa Sociale“Macchina del tempo”
Sinergia Società Cooperativa SocialeLecceLab – Progetto Bella Copia
Sinergia Società Cooperativa SocialeDi.Da.Pro
Sinergia Società Cooperativa SocialeDidalim
Sinergia Società Cooperativa SocialeINSO Project
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w ŁodziBlended-learning / distance learning-Moderating
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w ŁodziDesign thinking methodology
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w ŁodziDigitalization
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w ŁodziDocumentary making
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w ŁodziLearningApps
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w ŁodziVirtual Internship
Casa Corpului Didactic TeleormanGoogle Apps for Education Tools
Casa Corpului Didactic TeleormanUse of ICT in the educational act
Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman“Digital Worksheet”
Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman“Using ICT in Teaching”
Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman“A successful career in pre-university education through the implementation of innovative training programs”
Casa Corpului Didactic TeleormanThe Teacher of Educational Software
Oltu Halk Egitimi MerkeziDistance Education
Oltu Halk Egitimi MerkeziE-yaygin
Oltu Halk Egitimi MerkeziEBA
Oltu Halk Egitimi MerkeziFatih Project
Oltu Halk Egitimi MerkeziICT Class
Oltu Halk Egitimi MerkeziIstanbul Institute of Business
Consorzio Lavoro e AmbienteFTS Project
Consorzio Lavoro e AmbienteKit for learning English for McD Restaurant
Consorzio Lavoro e AmbienteCouncil of Europe Toolkit
Consorzio Lavoro e AmbienteEMMA: European Multiple MOOC Aggregator
Consorzio Lavoro e AmbienteMooc
Consorzio Lavoro e AmbienteFlipped learning
IES JacarandáIES Jacarandá Intranet
IES JacarandáAdult Education Moodel Platform
IES JacarandáTeachers´ Training In The Framework Of European Programmes
IES JacarandáCritical thinking and education-critical thinking by training thinking skills
IES JacarandáICT tools, used in the classroom kahoot/ i-nigma/ plickers/ powtoon
IES JacarandáProdig- Program Of School Digitization