LecceLab – Progetto Bella Copia

  • Sinergia Società Cooperativa Sociale

LecceLab – Progetto Bella Copia is a project of the Municipality of Lecce, Legacoop Puglia and Forpuglia, public funding of Regione Puglia.

The project includes many kinds of activities with the aim of strengthening strategic competences for the employability of youth. The target group are young people among 16 and 18 years old in the city of Lecce.  The project involved 400 young people from the secondary schools of Lecce.

The project focuses on innovation (technological and social) and legality. It intervenes on three main directions, functional to the strengthening of strategic competences for the employability of the younger generations:

Training on Innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurship;

Development of digital skills and creativity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pCXPjQbm8E )

Development of guidance skills and positioning on the (legal) labor market.

The activities foresee an integrated approach between entrepreneurs, facilitators, experts, testimonials and learners, that is important for knowledge and practices transfer’s:

  • Orientation and information seminars about the rules of access to the market, sources for active job search and technical knowledge of the sector of interest, information useful for the implementation of a business idea;
  • Workshops on using of some innovative applications and systems useful for the realization of ideas and projects;
  • Creative and innovative workshops on business creation aimed at learning the conditions of entrepreneurship through dynamic project work that make students the protagonists of practical business experiences. After this workshop will be implemented practical workshops on professional and soft skills aimed at developing the maximum inner potential;
  • “Mise en situation” and simulated training company: a real simulation of designing and realization of an innovative entrepreneurial idea. The students take the role of experienced professionals in a selected field. In order to facilitate cooperation, sharing and participation processes, the legal form of innovative cooperative enterprise will be used. The aim is also to transfer the typical values of cooperation as a socially responsible business model, respectful of legal rules and norms.

Theatre play and expressive workshops allowed participants to better explore the unreal and the real experience on the topic of legality and illegality through emotions, sensations and body

The participants produced a final event show, realized at the Paisiello theatre in Lecce. During the event, they presented the final product realized (business models, 3D printers, App and more, theatre performance “Legal lifestyles” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZIY_DpD4vg )

Who are the people to be contacted to have more info?

Comune di Lecce: Raffaele Parlangeli, dirigente settore programmazione strategica e comunitaria - Raffaele.parlangeli@comune.lecce.it

Legacoop Puglia: Katia De Luca – deluca@legapuglia.it

Where could we find more info (internet sites, mails, social media, clips and so on)?

email: legacoop@legapuglia.it

What is the lesson we could learn from this BP or case study?

- The effectiveness of using new languages and tools for talking about employment, skills, legality, social responsibility, etc. in order to involve young people.
- The attitude and skills for digital innovation can be developed also in schools that are not technical ones, also with young people who are not studying ICT as school subject.
- Innovative tools and methods


Download area on the website: https://www.leccelab.it/tools/
Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIaTbvCVwH0JuPCyh5KPiA

Comments from the coordinator

This practice is interesting because it is focused on the development of digital skills for youth, with a specific focus on entrepreneurship and job integration.
The ICT tools applied to creativity are a key factor for the development of job opportunities for youth.
Digital innovation is a key element of the development of the society in general, and for this reason is crucial that the young generations will be trained to be ready for this process.