Virtual Internship

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This is not the first case that a student is working remotly.

Case study: Sylvia's internship (graphic designer)

A virtual internship at

A travel services website

This student lives and works in Norway while studying in Lodz, Poland. Because fulfilling the Internship programme is obligatory she found the company offering virtual internship and still manage her other duties.

“The first contact was via email, I got the information about who would be my internship mentor and what I was supposed to do as a test. It was a project of a travel guide's page. I sent my work to the mentor, all of it via email.

Then, together with the representative of the company we decided on facebook and messenger, which suited me as I could get quick response or feedbak that way.

My job was retouching photos which were later placed on the website or on the pages with the tours offer. I created images for Facebook funpage, illustrations promoting events or contests.

I was delivering the works that were accepted and approved, uploading them on google disc, posting on facebook or sending via email.

My duties were organised in this way: I was given a link to the schedule created as an excel file in which I could mark prefered dates and hours on which I was available and willing to work. My mentor was adjusting the tasks and the schedule (deadlines) to it.”

Who are the people to be contacted to have more info?

Elżbieta Dul-Ledwosińska – teacher/trainer/internship coordinator
Lidia Mirowska

Where could we find more info (internet sites, mails, social media, clips and so on)?

What is the lesson we could learn from this BP or case study?

We are facing the change affecting labour market nowadays. More and more people value a work-life balance and freedom of working independantly. Introduction to digital tools and methods equals promoting a creative approach to one's own job career. Using the Internet, digital tools and devices is so millennial!


Comments from the coordinator

- It is universal because of possibility starting in every country
- the method promotes a new way of thinking about virtual reality,
- it is a example of modern ways of working independently
- New way of using the Internet in real life
- It should be promoted among students of any course to show benefits of working digitally at home