FTS Project

  • Consorzio Lavoro e Ambiente

The need to guarantee a continuous and high quality professional training and updating, the quick development and the potential of the new communication and information technologies and their increasingly massive use, pushed the creation of these protocols: for quality systems of distance education training. The Distance Learning methodologies, combined and enhanced by the new communication and information technologies, blended with the traditional ones, represent the ideal tool to guarantee quality of adult trainings. The certified FTS protocols are important for developing the training of tourism workers and, more generally of SMEs.

The FTS protocols will represent an additional service for bilateral organizations, inter-professional funds, Regions and individuals, who will be able to benefit from high quality products and be sure of the results.

Who are the people to be contacted to have more info?

Tito Livio Mongelli

Where could we find more info (internet sites, mails, social media, clips and so on)?


What is the lesson we could learn from this BP or case study?

The implementation of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in the training field makes all the training materials more appealing and stimulating. Furthermore, the distribution of training using different tools makes it "easier" and certainly more immediate. Considering the possibility of distance learning, even the use of training can be customized both for times and for use.


Comments from the coordinator