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Di.Da.Pro (Didattica blended di base e professionalizzante). The project activated by our Department of Scienze della Formazione, Psicologia, Comunicazione, of university Of Bari “Aldo Moro” arose from the need to make university teaching more effective and responsive to current demands from the labour market.

Who are the people to be contacted to have more info?

Prof.ssa Beatrice Ligorio
080 5714314

Where could we find more info (internet sites, mails, social media, clips and so on)?


What is the lesson we could learn from this BP or case study?

The higher education system in Apulia region needs to implement an effective e-learning system, in order to address the needs of all its users.



Everything takes place on a Department platform that is not accessible to any enrolled students. It is suggested to contact the manager.

Comments from the coordinator

This practice is very relevant, referring to the innovation process of higher education system in our region.
Until now the e-learning and distance learning are very small.
The different needs of users are not taken into account (learners, not only in the field of university education), focusing mainly on on-the-job training.
This proposal is an important challenge to solve these problems.