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The Council of Europe has developed the toolkit (available in seven languages) to support member states in their efforts to respond to the challenges posed by unprecedented migration flows. It has been produced as part of the project Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM) of the Council of Europe’s major Programme on language policy.

The toolkit includes the 57 tools and other resources contained in the various sections of its website. Tools can be downloaded and adapted to meet the needs of different contexts

The toolkit is designed to assist organisations, and especially volunteers, providing language support for adult refugees. Throughout the toolkit “refugee” is understood in a broad sense and includes asylum seekers as well as refugees.

The integration of migrants and the impact on it of their acquisition of competence in the language(s) of the host country are a focus for political debate and policy initiatives in a growing number of Council of Europe member states.

The Council of Europe project "Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants" (LIAM) aims at offering support to policy deciders and practitioners to facilitate migrants’ integration in civil society.

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This best practice brings together two primary needs: education and integration among peoples


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