A successful career in pre-university education through the implementation of innovative training programs

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The main aim of the project ”A successful career in pre-university education through the implementation of innovative training programs” was to improve the access and participation of teachers from pre-university education in the South-Muntenia and South-West regions of Romania to continuous training opportunities in priority areas of education reform (ICT, curricular and psycho-pedagogical empowerment) through a multi-region, innovative lifelong learning program based on digital resources and the sustained initiation of lifelong learning management tool.

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Sferle Sorin

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The training program offered has managed to solve various aspects by reducing the time resources, the financial and material resources necessary for the teachers to participate in the courses, by the possibility of informing and educating at distance through the e-learning platform, stimulating the didactic framework in the continuous responsible education process. A multiregional training program consisting of 4 courses with MECI priority themes based on digital resources was implemented. The training program provided teachers in the S-Muntenia and SV regions of Romania, the opportunity to take part in blended learning courses with sessions in the classroom where students can work in the team and interact with colleagues and the trainer, and distance learning sessions, mediated by digital resources, allowing unconditional self-training of time or financial resources using interactive multimedia materials.
The fact that teachers have been able to browse online materials at their own pace increases the degree of flexibility adapted to their learning style and solves the problem of timing mismatches and the difficulty of finding a timeframe that is acceptable to all those interested in this training program. Through the online community developed in the project, teachers have learned from the experience of other colleagues, so that the information and resources that teachers have access to are relevant and accessible when they need it. Teachers participating in the course have been able to stimulate and motivate current generations of students who are "digital generations", expanding the use of computers and the internet in everyday professional activities.


Comments from the coordinator

This practice is interesting for several reasons:
1) ”A successful career in pre-university education through the implementation of innovative training programs”, including 4 training modules: ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence), Competency-based curriculum design, Crisis management class management, Interactive teaching-learning methods, being a project that included a large number of trainers, very good professionals;
2) All teachers involved in the project have acquired specific ICT skills in the development of digital content in a proactive manner, acquiring the ECDL certificate;
3) Training activities were conducted in blended-learning systems using different methodologies (theoretical lessons, practical activities, classroom application and ICT tools).